Component sales

Sales of components from reputable manufacturers

We offer a range of equipment and components from reputable manufacturers, be it cranes, winches, accumulators, cylinders, pumps, motors, valves, filters, pipes and hoses.

Everything used in connection with hydraulics.

  • Star motor, axial / radial piston motor, orbit motor etc
  • Wing pumps, gear pumps, axial / radial piston pumps etc.
  • Prop. Valves, pressure / flow, control valves etc.
  • Piston, bladder and membrane batteries, backup / nitrogen bottles
  • Subsea / industrial cylinders etc.
  • Plate and pipe coolers
  • Various filters and cleaning units
  • Pipes, hoses and fittings according to spec.
Birthe Østerbø

Birthe Østerbø

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Åshild Irene Østerbø

Åshild Irene Østerbø

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