Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

At HyCom, we do our best to integrate social and environmental considerations into our daily operations and in relation to our stakeholders.

With a focus on quality and a safe work environment, we can ensure increased engagement, strengthened competence and influence in society, which in turn leads to better profitability and, most importantly, the ability to take care of employees and the surrounding community.

Great Place to Work

Hycom was certified as a Great Place to Work in October. We are very proud of this and continue to work hard.

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At the core of Great Place To Work’s efforts is the Trust Model©, which defines a good workplace. The model is based on 30 years of research and data collected through their employee survey Trust Index©. This survey is taken annually by millions of people worldwide.

We see this in line with the UN’s sustainability goals no.4, no.5 and no.8

Statistics on employee experience at HyCom Hydraulics Competence, compared to a typical organization:

Approved Apprenticeship Company through Vestland County Municipality

Hycom is an approved apprenticeship company through Vestland County Municipality and has apprentices in Industrial Piping, Industrial Mechanics, and more recently, Industrial Assembly.

Every year we have school students doing their placement with us, whether it’s through work week in primary school or vocational placement in high school.

We see this in accordance with the UN's sustainability goals.:

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