We consider people and the environment around us

This makes us better equipped for the challenges of tomorrow. "See opportunities rather than limitations". Extend the life of machinery and equipment, reduce the risk of emissions, etc. See our overview of measures that save the environment and costs.


Future-Oriented Development

We aim to meet future needs by choosing solutions that do not halt development and possibilities for our next generations.


Sustainable Influence

We will use our knowledge and expertise to influence our customers and suppliers to emphasize sustainability in their activities and choices.


Continuous Improvement

We take into account the people and the environment around us, with the UN's sustainability goals at the foundation of our thinking.

All sustainability goals are important, and the greatest sustainability value is seen when an initiative for one goal also has positive ripple effects on other goals. At HyCom, we have selected five goals to focus on.

logo: Quality Education logo: Gender Equality logo: Decent Work and Economic Growth logo: Responsible Consumption and Production logo: Climate Action

At HyCom, we have set the following focus areas:

  • Contribute to society with job opportunities and new possibilities.
  • Take care of employees and their families.
  • Find effective measures that save the environment and people from unnecessary burdens.
  • We strive to reduce our environmental footprint through several active measures.
  • Be a preferred supplier in the market.
  • Involve employees in HyCom’s sustainability work