Valen Marina

Repair of valve, hoses and fittings after inspection at Valen Marina

The project was carried out at our quay in the period February and March 2022.

The scope of the project

Replacement of hoses and valves, as well as general service on hydraulic systems.

Work task

Valen Marina came in on February 25 for a review / inspection. Various valves on board for crane and cam, as well as hoses and fittings were equipped and ready for replacement. Most of the parts were ordered so that this was ready until the boat returned.

The boat arrived at the quay at HyCom again on 21 March. Hoses and fittings were measured and ordered in, and it has been changed centrally to the crane and drive valve to enough. Brackets for central and drive valve have been produced.

Other work that has been done is modification of belt drive between engine and hydraulic pump, as well as general service, control of oil and filter change.

The boat was given an urgent assignment on March 24, and we had to prioritize critical equipment for this job. In the future, service must be taken on the swivel ring for the crane, and an emergency stop must be changed.

Challenges and solutions

The hoses were difficult to disassemble and showed some rust. The valve to be replaced was not directly replaceable and we then chose to modify the bracket for this.

  • Customer:Valen Marina
  • Place:HyCom
  • Year:feb.2022 - mar.2022


Gaute Aam

Gaute Aam

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