KCA Deutag

Development and production of customized valve.

The project includes development, documentation and production of components.

The scope of the project.

There are some products that have benefited from production and can no longer be delivered. This is an ever-increasing challenge to keep facilities running without downtime. Modifications to phase out obsolete components can also be extensive, with associated documentation changes and dorwntime.

Work task

Develop, document and produce components used for maintenance of existing facilities. Be it complete compinents or spare parts.

Challenges and solutions

Many of the components are in safety-critical systems and it must be documentet that function, pressure class, media compatible operational safety, etc. are taken care of. In addition, customers often want better performance with existing components, and that the performance requirement for the system has often increased since the plant was installed.

Developed and delivered product

  • 1" manual 4/3 direction valve
  • Working pressure 5K psi(345bar)
  • Dripping due to that it is used in security system with accumulator back-up system
  • Media are mineral end water-based hydraulic oils
  • Must be physically mounted without changes to existing installation
  • Overhaul set for existing valves
  • Customer:KCA Deutag
  • Place:HyCom
  • Year:jan.2020 - mai.2020