Replacement of hoses on Sludge suction truck 904, as well as service on the hydraulic system.

The project was carried out in our workshop in the period 25 February to 29 March 2022.

The scope of the project

Replacement of approx. 200 pcs. hydraulic hoses in various dimensions, length and pressure classes on «Sludge suction car 904», as well as associated service on hydraulic systems with control of oil and filter shifts.

Work task

Bybanen AS and HyCom signed a contract for the above-mentioned work assignments in February 2022. Due to the age of the truck and hydraulic hoses, as well as damage, it was decided to replace all hydraulic hoses. This is a special car that drives on both roads and rails (light rail) and costs up all the sand, dust, cleans and blows it clean. There is an enormous amount of hydraulics, pneumatics and water equipment on this car. This car is called the Riller’s car. Test driving was performed together with the customer, and worked satisfactorily.

Challenges and solutions

Very compact equipment in a small space, be it hydraulics, pneumatics and water / flushing systems. Tight and difficult without special tools to solve coupling / fittings on the hoses. The solution was to dismantle the fan system, together with other equipment to gain access to the various hoses.

  • Customer:Bybanen
  • Place:HyCom
  • Year:feb. 2022 - mar. 2022


Åshild Irene Østerbø

Åshild Irene Østerbø

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