We assist with advice, expertise and good service for the best possible operation

2020 has been a very special year, in the first quarter CV19 hit the Pandemic like a bomb, and since then it has affected us all. But still we are lucky, when we see what is happening elsewhere in Europe and beyond in the world.

We must not get into the same situation, therefore we at HyCom encourage you to follow all necessary measures that have been put in place to limit, and preferably stop this CV19. Follow the instructions and recommendations our authorities have provided.

This will be help for self-help, and together we will be stronger and better equipped for the time we now have ahead of us. It will be very demanding, different - but most of all hope that it will be “Exciting”.

Exciting - means something positive that we all absolutely need, see opportunities rather than limitations.

Although the above CV19 presents us with challenges, we must:

  • All hydraulic systems and associated equipment and components have a smooth and good maintenance / service. Be it pumps, motors, valves, cylinders etc.

  • Re-certification / service of pressurized equipment is in that sense extremely important to keep control of. “Adverse events” can quickly occur due to. lack of follow-up and service, and with the fatal consequences this can entail, this is extremely important.

  • An interval system and associated follow-up - inspection increases the service life, which means minimal downtime and which in turn reduces operating costs.

    We offer to assist with advice, expertise and good service for the best possible operation. If you need other types of services such as design & development, we can also offer this.

HyCom is available for the above assignments, early and late 24/7

We can not stop, and Christmas is fast approaching - therefore we would like to wish you all a wonderful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year on the same occasion.

Thank you for your good cooperation.

Sincerely, Hydraulics Competance AS