TU wrote this article about HyCom as a reliable supplier in hydraulics

Teknisk Ukeblad interviewed Åshild Østerbø. Here, readers get a nice presentation of HyCom, our services and where we stand in the market.

- Now the optimism is back in the offshore industry, and HyCom is still strong, says general manager Åshild Østerbø.

Better times mean increased activity at all levels. There are more on the leg, and new competitors who see the opportunities in the market. This does not scare us at HyCom. We have confidence and faith in the services we provide, have the quality that the customer requires and not least at a reasonable price.

Østerbø further says that today more is required for every single order. This is healthy and sensible. Then it emerges who are the good suppliers, and who provides the best services.

The margins in industries where HyCom operates are small, and then reliability becomes important. Downtime for production and services is lost money. That’s why HyCom offers service around the clock, every single day. The customer is reassured that they are using an actor who is one hundred percent committed to the job, and who is there when needed.

When it comes to the hydraulics profession, the customer must know that HyCom has the necessary expertise at all times. All employees have certifications and courses that cover the company’s needs.

Downtime in hydraulic systems can have major financial consequences. It is then important that the customer can trust that the work is carried out professionally, says Østerbø.

Commitment and service is a key word at HyCom. It makes no difference whether the customer who needs help is small or large. Of course, we have some customers who are bigger than others. For example. project on platforms, in the fishing industry, on cruise ships. We work locally and World Wide, says Østerbø.

Re-certification of pressurized equipment, ex. accumulators and compensators are an important segment in which HyCom has specialist expertise. Such equipment is everywhere, and with this comes a strict set of rules, not least around safety. By using HyCom for overhaul and re-certification, you get a safe partner with long experience in this area.

HyCom in the future

In HyCom, there is no reason to lower your shoulders, even if it looks brighter than for a long time. We continue to increase competence and service levels at all levels. In 2018, HyCom became a Service Partner for Bosch Rexroth and we are now strongly committed to repairing and overhauling their products.

- We are looking forward and excited about what 2019 has to offer, says Åshild Østerbø.

Kilde: Teknisk Ukeblad- https://hycom.storynews.no/