“Great Place to Work” Certified

HyCom AS celebrates its "Great Place to Work" certification, a milestone that reflects our commitment to a positive and inclusive work environment

At HyCom, striving for sustainability is more than just words – it’s an integral part of our corporate culture. With our initiative to become “Great Place to Work” certified, we demonstrate our commitment to both people and the environment in the workplace.

In October 2023, HyCom AS marked a significant milestone in its ongoing commitment to an excellent work environment by achieving certification as a “Great Place to Work” company.

Certification mark Oct 2023 - Oct 2024. "Great Place to Work"

A Promise to Create a Positive Work Environment

In a world where companies are measured as much on their social responsibility as on their economic success, HyCom takes responsibility by building a workplace that promotes not only efficiency and innovation but also the welfare of its employees and the surrounding environment.

This certification confirms our commitment to creating a positive work environment where each employee feels valued and inspired. At HyCom, we place great emphasis on team building, professional development, and an open communication culture.

– Being certified by ‘Great Place to Work’ is a confirmation of our efforts to create a great work environment. By investing in our employees' well-being, we ensure not only their happiness but also the long-term success of the company, says Birthe Østerbø, the HSE Manager at HyCom. – This is also an important part of our sustainability goals for social responsibility, says Birthe.

Our results at "Great Place to Work". Impressive figures that we are very proud of.

What Does Such Certification Mean?

The “Great Place to Work” certification is based on the Trust Model©, developed through 30 years of research and represents the essence of a good workplace. At HyCom, a whole 82% of employees expressed that they consider the workplace to be excellent, which is well above the national trust index.

HyCom stands out in its treatment of employees, with 96% of the staff affirming that the company treats everyone fairly regardless of sexual orientation, cultural, or ethnic background.

It is this culture of trust, inclusion, and continuous improvement that makes HyCom a truly “Great Place to Work”.

The Way Forward

While the certification is a significant achievement, HyCom sees this as the beginning of an ongoing journey.

– Achieving this certification has been incredibly rewarding, not just as a confirmation of our hard work but also on a personal level. Seeing our employees thrive and feel valued is what truly drives me in my work. At HyCom, we are more than just colleagues; we are a small family building a common future together, both for ourselves and the company, concludes Birthe.