There is optimism in the industry

The vision is to be the first choice in troubleshooting, repairs, overhauls and service. By 2020, we will be the leader in hydraulics, maintenance and service services.

In a period of decline in the oil industry, HyCom has had a stronger focus on land-based industry and the fishing industry. Now there are better times, and they notice that in Håkonshella.

During the OTD trade fair at Sotra, HyCom AS was present. Birthe at HyCom, notices the improvement and positivity in the market

- Now the optimism is back in the offshore industry, and we hope HyCom is still strong, says general manager Åshild Østerbø.

Better times mean increased activity at all levels. Now there are more around the corner, with many seeing new opportunities in the market. That does not scare HyCom. With confidence and faith in the services they provide, they embark on new tasks.

Service 24/7

The margins in industries where HyCom operates are small. Then reliability becomes important. Downtime for production and services is lost money. That is why HyCom offers service around the clock every single day. The customer knows that they use an actor who is one hundred percent committed to the job, and is there when they need it. The employees have certifications and courses that meet their needs.

When it comes to hydraulics, people need to know that we have the necessary expertise at all times. Downtime in hydraulic systems can have major financial consequences. Then it is important that one can trust the work that is being done.

Commitment and service are key words at HyCom. It makes no difference whether it is small or large customers who need our help.

- One must be service-minded, regardless of who the customer or the assignment is and the size of the assignment to be performed is. We want to be the first thing that comes to mind when the need arises.

Hydraulic services

HyCom has small and large customers. Some much larger than others, and Equinor with subcontractors is in this category.

- These days we are involved in a large project at Gullfaks B. Here we have produced a panel for BOP and are further included in the installation of this. Being able to be involved from start to finish with the development of a product is very nice.

On the same day as the OTD trade fair kicked off at Sotra, HyCom had employees out at Gullfaks to work on this project.

Shipping companies in the cruise industry and other shipping are also users of HyCom’s services. The huge cruise ship Viking Star has been one of their customers.

- For cruise ships, noise in the hydraulic system can cause unwanted noise for the guests with resonance into the cabins. In one case we could reduce the noise by up to 60%. It is very nice to be able to do a job in this area. Car ferries also depend on hydraulics to work. When the bow does not go up we can be there to fix it. Then it is important that you react quickly.

In addition to this, re-certification of pressurized equipment is a major branch of operation. Such equipment is everywhere, and with it comes a strict set of rules regarding safety. By using HyCom for overhaul and re-certification, you get a safe partner with long experience in the field.

HyCom in the future

At HyCom, they see no reason to rest even though it looks brighter than for a long time. They continue to increase the competence and service level at all levels.

- The vision is to be the first choice in troubleshooting, repairs, overhaul and service. By 2020, we will be the leader in hydraulics, maintenance and service services. We work continuously to achieve this. We must be the customer with whom we seek security in uncertain times.