Unfortunately, there will be no "Open Day" in 2020

This year we were to arrange "Open Day" at Håkonshella for the 10th time, but the corona situation means that we unfortunately have to cancel. But what exactly is Open Day and how did this start?

A little history about “Open Day”

HyCom started up in a small boathouse by the sea, with only 4 employees. As the company picked up, the boathouse became too small, and we had to get larger premises. We then moved into larger premises, and felt that this had to be celebrated.

We were proud of the progress we had made in our company, and wanted to show our facilities to customers and partners. This is how the “Open Day” event was born.

The first time “Open Day” was held was June 11, 2010. There were about 20-25 visitors this day, the event was a success, so we would do the same again the following year.

Our first “Open Day” event was held on a much smaller scale than today

Social gatherings and professional replenishment

We invite other companies and partners to exhibit this day, where they spread information about their products and services. This day is a golden opportunity to take care of old acquaintances, not least make new acquaintances.

Over the years, several companies have exhibited with us:

  • KCL - Kolberg Caspary Lautom
  • Stream and Stream
  • Hydac
  • Hydroscan
  • ParTech
  • GS Hydro
  • Otto Olsen
  • NWP- Norwegian Weather Protection

Good food is a must, delicious barbecue food with good accessories for everyone. There should also be no baking, homemade cakes in a row, which disappears quickly. There is also no real Open Day without competitions with great prizes: Wheel of fortune, tip the weight on fennel years, hit the mark with pea bags, this brings out the competitive instinct in whom at any time.

Even though the event consists of social gatherings and good food, the company goes its own way, the workshop is of course open. Should our services be badly needed, our employees are ready to receive our customers in the workshop.

Thanks to the efforts of everyone involved, the Open Day event is one of the highlights of the year. We aim to come back stronger next year.