Open day 2018

In 2010 we had our very first Open Day. June 0, we had another event with barbecue and sunshine.

In 2010 we had our very first Open Day. We had equipped ourselves with tents and food service, and we had about 20-25 visitors.

After eight years of Open Day events, it has become a great celebration where social gatherings and professional enrichment are in focus. We also have several companies exhibiting with us this day, an excellent opportunity to make new acquaintances, and spread information about their company.

The number of visitors has increased considerably these years, and this has become an annual event that both we and our visitors appreciate.

Even though we have events, we of course accept customers who need our assistance, and there are then opportunities for spectators to see what a typical working day will be like.

It is important for us at HyCom to focus on a good working environment, all our employees are of course involved in this event.

We aim to maintain this event. Sun, socializing and professional replenishment, all in one package. ☀️