History - Timeline

This is how Hycom came to be

The history of Hydraulikk Competance AS (hereinafter referred to as HyCom) started on a stormy winter day, or rather 1 February 2008.

The most important events. Year by year.


Hydraulikk Competance AS (HyCom) was established on 01.02.2008, and today has locations in Håkonshella, Mathopen - Bergen. We started with 4 employees, but quickly noticed that the demand was great and we had to expand our staff with an extra 4. in 2009.


We moved into new office and workshop premises of a total of 500 m2.


At this time, our staff consisted of technical engineers, plumbers, service engineers and mechanics. In addition to office staff


In May 2012, we expanded with new premises, 200m2 and 400m2 workshop. This means that today we have a total of 1150m2 of indoor space. Outdoor area is approx. 1200m2. We now have, among other things, a separate pressure test department with video-monitored pressure current. The tests can today be performed up to 2500 bar, this can be further extended - and according to the customer’s wishes / needs.


As of March 2016, we are 30 employees in HyCom, of which 9 on the office side and 21 in the workshop. Our workshops have gradually become very well equipped, and can now perform more complicated troubleshooting, repairs, overhauls, recertifications, etc. We have service personnel with the necessary expertise and trade certificates. Furthermore, we have all the necessary offshore certificates required by our customers. HyCom is an approved training company.


2017 was another tough and demanding year with the decline in oil. The ripple effects were great. But despite this, we got new partners with associated framework agreements and we were proud to serve all our customers. Despite adversity, HyCom was able to retain all its employees and continue to work together towards a common goal.


The beginning of 2018 was tough. There were repercussions after 2017, but when we arrived in March / April it became brighter and HyCom could look at an order backlog that shone green several months ahead. It was a lot of work and hectic days as we were used to and what we enjoyed best. The summer of 2018 was the busiest period in a long time where there was work 24/7 throughout the holiday. New collaborations have been established and existing customers are taken care of.


The year 2019 started well and ended even better. We noticed a good increase in the workload. With staff giving everything, we could say yes to even more. It was a year with lust for more and new collaboration and framework agreements were created. We rolled up our sleeves and were ready for 2020.


The year 2020 has been one of Hycoms toughest years to date and, like many other companies, one had to roll up ones sleeves and look for work. Covid-19 took a lot from us, but still the mood and willingness to stand was still present. This was the year where we also made the largest invesment in Hycoms history where we bought buildings and facilities in Håkonshella, here we have been since Hycoms start in 2008. We left the year 2020 with our heads raised and ready to continue fighting, to take care of the employees in the pandemic with increased workload and infection control measures, and not least to take care of, and help our customers.


With the Covid 19 pandemic still hanging over us, the painstaking work of infection control continued. This is to take care of our employees' health, and not least so that we can continue to perform our services for the benefit of our customers as planned.

We noticed early in the year that our customers dared to invest again, and the workload associated with Offshore and Onshore increased significantly. The requests were many - and led to a very hectic and fully booked summer with large projects, which i.a. on the platform Haven which was located on Hanøytangen outside Bergen.

In our department for pressurized equipment, the workload was large, and recertification of accumulators went like hot cakes. In addition to the above, several major investments were made in own tools, machines, buildings and facilities. We also entered a new market segment, with the execution of hydraulic work and plumbing at power plants. Here we got to take part in the construction of several new power plants. An exciting development.

The year 2021 is now written in the history books.

In short, this was a year with a lot of work, satisfied customers and dedicated employees. Employees who stand up for their colleagues and not least the company. We look forward to the continuation in 2022.