About us

Who is Hycom?

Hycom is a medium-sized company that performs service, troubleshooting and maintenance service in landbased industry, firheries/aquaculture and oil/gas and onshore/offshore


Delivers on time

HyCom carries out the work in terms of quality in accordance with current regulations, and we deliver on time


Modern facilities

At Håkonshella in Bergen, we have our own quay area with associated workshops, offices etc.


ISO Certified

We are a ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and ISO45001:2018 certified company

Hycom is a medium-sized company that performs service, troubleshooting and maintenance services in land-based industry, fisheries/aquaculture and oil/gas and onshore/offshore. We have very well-equipped workshops that are an important resource for serving our stakeholders at all levels.

Hycom is centrally located and a short way to industry and the major players in the marked. With a management that is clear, together we can create security and strengthen quality and the environment within our subject areas.

All our employees have the compentence required at all times to be able to meet quality, the environment, government requirements, laws and regulations.

The organization is located in a landscape with few actors. Products and services delivered require high precision at all levels. Awereness of KHMS management and governance will be crucial for the full range of the success factors that lie in a good customer relationship. The internal and external conditions are about employees, customers, suppliers and the public sector.

Who are we?

A long term partner you can trust

Hycom will be a preferred supplier in Norway for the delivery of service, troubleshooting and maintenance services within land-based industry, fisheries/aquaculture and oil/gas onshore/offshore.

We must be the supplier the customer can seek security from in uncertain times. We promote our resources and expertise so that our stakeholders are met in all areas.

History - Timeline

Environment in focus

ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 og ISO45001:2018 certified company

HyCom AS aims to seek the best solutions that meet environmental considerations to the greatest possible extent, so that the company does not unnecessarily contribute to pollution of the environment.

HyCom AS shall be perceived as an environmentally conscious company, where the employees at all times take environmental responsibility, which further means that we show consideration for society’s vulnerability through our choices and our actions.

Quality and Environmental Policy

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We are available by phone and email during our opening hours. In addition to this, use our hotline.