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HyCom offers hydraulic services and equipment of good quality and at a competitive price. One strives for good environmental measures, as well as for everyone to be well looked after at all times and to feel safe in the work being carried out. HyCom must always take measures to prevent injury or impaired health. HyCom is certified according to ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 og ISO45001:2018.
  • We are looking for a skilled mechanic with work experience within industry/maritime/oil & gas


    Service of equipment for industry, oil & gas, marine and maritime industry. Some typical tasks will be:

    • Dismantling
    • Pressure testing
    • Overhaul
    • Repair, service and installation

    Wanted qualifications

    • You work as well alone as in a team.
    • Has good work capacity
    • Accurate and proactive
    • You have a relevant qualification
    • You have a certificate

    Personal characteristics

    Positive and consistently good mood, accurate, tidy and you have good collaborative skills. Service minded. You like it to be a bit hectic in everyday life, and you don’t let yourself be easily “tipped off the hook”. Proud contributor to a good working environment. The position can become permanent in the long term for the right person.

Illus: Recertification of pressurized equipment

Tests and Recertification

We have our own test and workshop department for pressurized equipment.

Illus: Troubleshooting and repairs of all types of hydraulic systems

Troubleshooting and Repair

Troubleshooting and repairs are performed both at the customer`s or at our workshop.

Illus: Design, development and production of hydraulic systems

Design, development and production

Separate technical department with engineers and technical draftsmen who tailor the …

Illus: Cylinder replacement, overhaul or purchase.

Cylinder service

Cylinders from us are designed and produced according to the customer`s needs.

Illus: Bosch Rexroth Service and Repair Partner

Bosch Rexroth Partner

We are a full-fledged service and repair partner within Bosch Rexroth`s range.

Illus: Hydraulic plumbing in various pressure classes


Plumbing with associated fittings for the various requirements. New facilities, existing …

Illus: Sales of components from reputable manufacturers

Component sales

We can offer a wide range of products for cranes, winches, accumulators etc.

Illus: Rental of our machines for various assignments

Equipment rental

HyCom has a rich equipment park where we offer rental of our machines for various …

Who are we?

We offer hydraulic services of good quality and at a competitive price. Our main focus is that satisfied customers- provide more work. Hycom performs the work in terms of quality in accordance with current regulations, and we deliver on time.

ISO Certified

What do we do?

We can help you with most things in various systems. We design, develop and carry out the work. In addition, we are helpful with the selection of components and solutions. Troubleshooting and repair is a big part of the work we do.

Why us?

All our employees have the competence required at all times to be able to meet quality, the environment, government requirements, laws and regulations.